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Happy New Year’s Eve!!

I have had a history of throwing New Year’s Eve parties. They have changed, a bit, over the years.

I am planning a fondue party tonight. If anyone is interested in my other side, my ever-so-slightly domestic side, I have a mostly defunct food blog. I have been posting pictures and updates. If it’s your thang, check in and I may even keep up the posting until it gets too hectic.

Happy New Year’s, everybody!!

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Another banner day

I saw on my blog stats page that I had two incoming links from Technorati. When I clicked through, I found my little blog on their top 100 health blogs list! In fact, I’m at number 30.

Well, whaddya know?

It’s a nice end to a crap week. It started with my ten year old getting hurt at a local kids’ expensive fun place, and ended with my husband in the hospital with an infected cat bite on his hand. Throw in witnessing some obstetrics in practice that made me want to consider maybe doing endocrinology as a specialty, a take home final exam I had to turn in two days late, only to find out the email didn’t send, and every other minor annoyance from stepping in cat vomit with my bare feet and hitting every. red. light. when I was running late for my brother’s birthday party and low on gas.

So, Technorati. Better be the sign of good things to come.


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I’m so stoked!

I have been invited to be an reviewer / contributor to the newest edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves.

I am going to be reviewing a chapter on anatomy and a chapter called “unique to women”. I am interested in seeing what that will include.

I am so excited!


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Mommy Wars Bingo

New Improved Mommy Wars Bingo is on shelves now in the community issue of hip Mama zine.

My friend happened to buy a copy and have it in her bag when she came over! I haven’t gotten one in my mailbox yet.

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What a great day!

I started my fellowship today.

I was about an hour early. My fellow fellow (ha!) told me the main mentor for the fellowship, Dr. F, said to come in at 10 a.m. I was too excited and insecure to come in that late, so I got to wander around by myself for a while. My “bosses”, the three researchers we will be working with, came in at 10 a.m.

Dr. F told us that she wanted us to come up with a plan, and she didn’t expect us to have anything concrete yet. I already have a lot of stuff put together. She also told us she wants some help right away putting together a grant proposal. She wants us to help with a literature search on control groups and ethics. Um, YAY!!! I am such a dork.

We got to sit in on a meeting about on the project on gay Latino men and HIV transmission prevention that is the subject of the grant. Our opinions were taken seriously. I mentioned transgender issues and the researchers and their project developer actually considered them. Part of the project involves a job application workshop, and we discussed if the training could include information on legal names versus transitioned names on job applications, if the gender assigned on the identification does not match the gender of the person interviewing for the position, gender discrimination, community resources and inappropriate interview questions.

The head researcher did say that only MTF transgender subjects would be considered, which indicated to me what her views were on gender identification. At the end of the discussion, she also joked around that no one would want to transition from assigned female gender to a male gender anyway, so it didn’t matter. She elbowed the other researcher, also a cisgender female we’ll call Dr. R, and they both giggled. I think it is more of a “girls rule, guys drool” humor they engage in often, at the expense of the third head researcher, her husband Dr. B, than a commentary on transitioning. But still. Transgender males and their health needs do exist, and could be the subjects of research, not just a joke. But I was happy we did have a legitimate discussion about trans issues for a good five minutes before anyone made any crude or disparaging remarks, and what was said was relatively mild.

Speaking of gender and sex, it was so strange to keep hearing everyone using male pronouns when referring to research and disease transmission. I am usually immersed in reading about birth and women’s issues.

The project manager Dr. R mentioned working at a nonprofit gay and lesbian association for several years, and said she worked at an abortion clinic in the 1970’s! Dr. B talks about health care reform and universal health care in glowing terms, and is a diehard idealist who has worked in the public health corps for years. I told them that I wanted to train them on the bibliographic software I used at my former job, and they sound genuinely interested.

We went out to lunch at the fancy faculty club that I didn’t know existed. It’s like a secret bunker with a pretty restaurant inside. They all left at 2 p.m. The main person in charge, Dr. F, will be gone until Monday. They are all very friendly and obviously like each other a great deal.

The other fellow and I hung out for another two hours or so. Before I left, I checked hipmama and saw that my Mommy Wars Bingo has arrived in mailboxes, in print in the hip Mama zine.

I swam with the family when I got home. I made a kick ass South Carolina Shrimp Boil for dinner tonight.

Life is good.


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Step I USMLE tomorrow

I have the first of my step one board exams tomorrow.

Wish me luck. And, if you see me surfing around anywhere on the interwebs, tell me to get back to studying!


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How did I just find this out?

Apparently I am quoted in the LA Time Health blog. In September of last year.

Some commentators suggest such a lengthy journey and seemingly low-key response may not have been the wisest course. From Mom’s Tinfoil Hat: “We don’t need a vice president (or president, for that matter) who thinks mother’s intuition and her faith are more important than appropriate medical care.”

Interesting. I was also quoted on a public radio show in Portland Oregon, once, on the topic of HIV testing and pregnancy, specifically, this post. A local friend happened to be listening and happened to catch it and happened to call me. How cool is that? I guess I don’t have any friends who are reading the LA Times health blog.


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