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Beautiful, indeed

Fortuitous is one of my favorite words. Not only is it fun to say, but it is inherently such a good thing when something fortuitous happens.

I am the president of the student interest group for obstetrics and gynecology this year (SAOG). (Eep!) And, I am vice president of our chapter of the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) and Medical Students for Choice(MS4C).

Notice a pattern here?

I decided to change our charity group this year for SAOG. We raised money for the Komen foundation last year. I definitely think breast cancer research is a good cause. However, breast cancer is not normally diagnosed or treated by ob/gyns. It is diagnosed by radiologists and pathologists and treated by oncologists.

So, I wanted to switch to a charity for repairing obstetric fistulas. One of the physicians who came to speak to us, a gynecological oncologist, travels to repair fistulas once a year. I just ran it by my exec board, and then Rachel posted about the movie “A Walk to Beautiful”. I already have one board member say that she didn’t think it was a compelling enough charity. (She and I don’t see eye to eye on very much – her favorite SAOG lecture from her first year was someone discussing labiaplasty and other plastic surgery on the vagina). I think showing the video during a lunch meeting will be a good idea.


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