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Mommy wars, revisited

I am sure you have heard or read about the recent kerfuffle over a comment made by a Democratic party lobbyist and strategist Hilary Rosen on Anderson Cooper. She opined, very validly, in my opinion, that Ann Romney may not be the best person for Mitt Romney to be consulting about the plight of the typical American woman. This is covered well here. Hilary Rosen was, I think, obviously referring to Ann Romney being way too privileged to understand what economic issues most American women care about. But, when she said Ann Romney has “never worked a day in her life”, that got seized as being anti-stay at home mom. My Facebook got cluttered with many people who already ideologically agree with the Romneys using this as a relished opportunity to say “Look! Something right about Romney and women!! Something about Democrats hating moms!!”

I do think Hilary Rosen did need to apologize and clarify what she meant. She did provide context to her statement immediately, when she said “She’s never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing in terms of how do we feed our kids, how do we send them to school and how do we — why do we worry about their future?” She could have been more precise, and said she has never worked at a paying job outside the home. This can be a very sensitive topic. However, she was pretty clear with her follow up explanation. And, she does not work for Obama, and does not represent the Democratic party. She is one working mother who was discussing a very sensitive topic with some imprecise language that was hardly the worst I have ever heard.

I think all motherhood is work. The Romneys had to claim five housekeepers on their 2010 tax return. I think some moms work harder than others. I respect mothers who stay at home. I was happy to get to work from home with my second son, and wish I had more time at home with my first. I was lucky to get to take him with me to work. I happen to find work outside the home very fulfilling, and those two scenarios may have been the best of all possible worlds for me. Financially, my family could not have afforded my taking any more unpaid leave than than the six weeks I took after my older son, and the four weeks I took after my second son. Both of my maternity leaves were completely unpaid.

I also think Mitt Romney should explain why women with two year old children need to know the “dignity” of going to work, but only if they are below a certain income.

Anyway, as this is being discussed in many, many arenas, I think it is a good time to post a link to my New Improved Mommy Wars Bingo. Feel free to play along when this is being discussed on the news, twitter, Facebook, blogosphere, etc. I’ve already managed to fill in quite a few squares.


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Countdown one week

Interviewing time is quickly approaching. I have my first interview in one week.


I have four interviews scheduled so far. I would like more. I am thinking of applying to more programs. I haven’t gotten an invite to my local program yet, which will most likely be my top choice. But, I am doing a full month there next month, and they invite and interview late.

I am preparing for the interviews, clothing wise and mentally wise. I have no idea what to wear to a mixer with the residents.

I just wish I could fast forward to match day.

In the meantime, it seems like I may be taking a leave of absence this month. I am entitled to a vacation month, which I wanted to take this month, but I was assigned to emergency medicine this month, and I have February and April still open. While my site was willing to have me switch my ER month to February, but my school has a policy that you can’t change your months without actually switching with another student. But, no other student will have a vacation month they set up and then want to switch. So, I am finagling it as a one month leave of absence. I will work out the details tomorrow. And then, I’ll get to interview twice this month, and even spend Thanksgiving with my kids!


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Happy Mother’s Day, and a post up

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! I am going to be spending it with my kids and extended family.

And, I have a post up at KevinMD.

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When the doctor is sick

Well, I’m not the doctor yet. I’m a mere medical student. I got hit pretty hard with a GI bug my younger son brought home from school. I never get sick. I mean it. I am one of those parents who didn’t get every little bug my kids brought home. Well, the kids rarely get sick, too. I made it through my entire pediatrics outpatient rotation without catching one upper respiratory infection.

But, when my 6 year old woke up barfing profusely into his bed, I hugged him, rubbed his back, and changed his sheets without scrubbing my hands immediately after. OK, it was the middle of the night. Half of his class was out the next day. I am guessing this is the Norwalk virus. Two evenings later, I was throwing up in a friend’s bathroom. One of the few social events I have attended all month, and I threw up and had to leave. Nice! Classy!

I had to miss my ob/gyn shelf exam. I am being allowed to make it up and can still (hopefully) try to pass with honors. Sigh. I am a dork and hate missing anything. But, it was not going to happen.

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A day in the life of a single mom med student

I have been really busy on my ob/gyn rotation. Loving it at times, cringing at it at times, and spending almost every waking minute either there or stuck in traffic trying to get there.

Sorry about the lack of posting here. I put up a post on Mothers in Medicine about a day in my life as a single mother and medical student on her obstetrics rotation.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

As usual, I have been really busy lately. I owe a post about the wonderful VBAC summit and a link to my presentation. In the meantime, though, I give you Valentine’s wishes.

My cutie boys.

The chocolate souffles I made for them and me for Valentine’s Day. (Hey, I didn’t say I was busy with only med school.)

And, a love song:


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Notes from pediatrics outpatient clinic

I am just finishing up a great month on peds outpatient. Here are some notes / lessons learned / comments to parents:

(Please note that I am a parent and usually am pretty resistant to judging parents)

1. “Sexy” is not an appropriate nickname for your three year old daughter.

2. Please try to remember to turn off your phones, parents. Answering and saying “Yeah, hey, I’m at the doctor with the kid, bro, let me call you back” while I am examining your child is, to say the least, distracting. That’s what the vibrate mode / voicemail is for.

3. If your kid is coming in for an asthma exacerbation, and currently has an asthma inhaler at home, trying to use the inhaler before coming in and then actually remembering what the name of it is when you come in (hey, even bringing it in!) is a great idea. I love the parents who bring in the bottles of meds.

4. It is amazing how wide the range can be of what worries parents. There are parents who will bring in a kid for one day of clear runny nose, no fever, no sore throat. There are parents who will fight with you about going to the hospital when their kid seems to have something clearly wrong that needs further workup that can’t be handled adequately in an outpatient setting.

5. I was happy and amazed how cute the kids were to me. Even the cranky ones. Even the ones who cried at the site of my white coat.

6. Parents, please don’t use the vaccines as a threat of punishment for bad behavior. And, please don’t use them as some sort of sick joke to scare your kids and get a laugh as I am coming at them with the stethoscope.

OK, as of Tuesday, I am swinging to the opposite end of the cycle of life. On to Geriatrics. Wish me luck!


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