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Food tour of San Francisco

Sourdough creations

Sourdough creations

I put up pictures and commentary about my foodie adventures while in San Francisco at my mostly dormant food blog Almost Healthy. Please check them out if that’s your sort of thing.

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It’s a sign!

Photobucket It’s a sign from above.

Sarah Silverman, The Great Schlep worked!

My husband bought a loaf of challah bread, a traditional Jewish egg bread, at our local grocery store. This store is west of Fort Lauderdale, and it has total Jewish grandparent cred. I have run into more than one Holocaust survivor there.

Well, when I opened the loaf yesterday for breakfast, lo and behold, one of the pieces bore a striking resemblance to a certain presidential candidate. I decided to go ahead and toast the bread, and my piece of crap eccentrically cooking toaster oven came up with this browning pattern completely on its own.


I probably should have saved it, maybe should have tried to make a run of the talk show circuit or I could have sold it on eBay. But, I ate it with butter and blueberry preserves. Obama toast is just too tasty to resist!

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