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Back with something too cool to let by

Whew! 2012! How did that happen?

So, yeah, 2012. Lots of big stuff lined up this year. More interviews. Step 2 clinical skills board exam – my last medical school board exam. Rank list. Match. Graduation. (if all goes according to plan for those last two!)

I finished an interesting month at my local residency institution. It was great. I was pleasantly surprised with how much the residents and attendings liked to teach. I have an iPad now, and when I access my blog from it, the cover picture is the one from Papanicolaou Way. It always makes me smile.

I am now doing a family med rotation, one of my last core rotations. When I went through the requisite getting to know you questioning with the other people at the site, someone made a “yuck” face when I said I was going into obstetrics and gynecology. As usual. I don’t get it. There are plenty of specialties I would not enjoy, some of which I would be grossed out by if I had to do them. Dentist? Uh, no way. Heebie jeebies. But, I am sure happy that there are people who enjoy that line of work, and would never stick my tongue out and grimace like a kid who just ate cod liver oil if someone told me that’s what they were planning to do! I swear, it happens all the time. Even worse, it’s pretty evenly distributed, regardless of gender. Let’s not hate on our vaginas so much, ok?

Finally, the cool thing. Planned Parenthood has a series about STIs that included this article about intestinal parasites. Never thought of them as STIs. And wow, that capsule on a string with the bag that hangs out in your intestines until you fish it back up? SO COOL!


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