Working during the holidays

Happy holidays!

I have had the dubious honor of being on what our residency calls the “swing shift” during most of December and early January. That’s 4 pm to midnight, Monday through Friday, and one of those nights I stay until 7 am to relieve a member of the night float team.

In other words, I worked Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and I will be working New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

In some ways it’s been rough. It was hard during the kids’ last week of school. I didn’t see them much. I was up until 3 am making treats for their teachers after getting off at midnight, but then I did have the freedom to drop off the treats at their schools before going into work. I also got to spend Christmas morning with them.

It’s fun, in a weird way, being in the hospital on Christmas. Everyone is in a good mood. People bring in treats, including me. The whole hospital is decorated. Usually, there are less BS admissions because people tend to want to be home with their family.

Anyway, hope you all get to spend time with your loved ones. I need to do another admission!

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