What I’ve been up to

Applications in. Lots of them. Interview invites. Not enough of them. Abstracts in. Four of them, to two conferences. Presentation done at one conference, and one pending for another. Rotations down. Three of them. Election pending, with women’s health issues cropping up frequently. Z had a birthday. I had to put a cat down.

So what prompts me to break my blogging fast?

Being a snarky know it all on Facebook.

I wrote about it on Mothers in Medicine. Go check it out.


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2 responses to “What I’ve been up to

  1. Lauren Parsons

    I happened to come across a website about single mothers trying to achieve a medical degree. I was reading your response to a single mother and it was very inspiring to me. I have a two month old at home, I’am not a single mother I have a very supportive man/father for my child. Even so I feel like medical school is now so far out of reach for me. I have about a year left of undergrad before I can take my MCAT. This has been the only thing I have ever been so sure of in my life, but now I’m not sure if I can do it. Any input from you would be so helpful. Thank you!

    Lauren Parsons

  2. MomTFH

    Hi Lauren,

    What website was it? Mothers in Medicine?

    Good luck with your journey. Medical school is tough, regardless of whether you have a young child at home. Having a supportive partner can make a huge difference. I am at a conference with people who waited until after residency to have kids, and they face unique issues as older moms who are trying to establish a practice while raising a young child. As women in medicine, it’s never a perfect time to have a child.

    If you really want to go into medicine, it is a rewarding and financial lucrative career. It is also grueling in many ways. Many people would say it is worth the effort. Most days I think it is. Keep me up to date!

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