Heavy music

Despite my hippy crunch tendencies and tie-dye banner, believe it or not, I don’t listen to a lot of classic rock anymore. I got supersaturated with it in my youth, and have heard just about every classic rock song enough times already to last me forever. But, today I had reasons to want to listen to two moldy oldy favorites of mine, both about carrying a heavy load.

Levon Helm of The Band died. My favorite song of theirs is “The Weight”:

And, Molly at First the Egg published her birth playlist, which contains a lot of songs I like. It includes another of my favorite older songs, a version of George Harrison’s “Give Me Love”:

It’s been a hard month. Hell, it’s been a hard couple of years. These songs are great because I love them, and I guess I kind of need them right now.


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2 responses to “Heavy music

  1. Mitch F.

    How many hours do you think we spent listening to the Band, throwing spades, hanging out in Landis Hall? Love these guys. How ARE you, Gerber? Would love to catch up with you…

    • MomTFH

      I miss you, too, Mr. Fine. We need to chat. Message me on the old FB when you have time to chat and we’ll catch up.

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