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Match Madness

I wrote about sitting and waiting for the residency match here at Mothers in Medicine.

We had to certify our match rank lists February 22nd. We don’t get informed whether we matched until March 12th, and where we matched until March 16th. I am sure at one point in time they used slide rules and pencils and paper to figure this stuff out, but I’m pretty sure this algorithm could be done on an iPad in 2012 in less than a minute. I think the NRMP just wants me to freak out and eat chocolate for three weeks.

(The Mothers in Medicine post above has links to explanations about the match, if you are one of the uninitiated.)

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Early induction for dying dad

My sister-in-law posted the link on my Facebook page to this sad story about a pregnant woman getting an induction a week and a half early because her husband was dying. I had already seen the story on quite a few of my birthy friends’ Facebook pages, but hadn’t typed out my thoughts about it. She encouraged me to discuss my thoughts, so this is what I said:

Yeah, this story has been spreading around the birth-o-sphere. It’s really heartbreaking.

I think it was very empathetic for the hospital to accommodate them by putting them together. I doubt many hospitals would do that.

Strictly academically speaking, it is not advisable, medically, to induce delivery at 38 weeks. The baby had a higher risk of having lung issues and being admitted to the NICU, which would have been even more stressful in a non ideal situation. 38 weeks is better than earlier, but it still carries a slightly higher risk of certain complications.

Also, an early induction may fail and end in cesarean, which would be harder on the mom. It would have separated them. Considering how many kids she already had and that she was already experiencing some symptoms (although many women feel contractions way before they are ready to deliver) it was more likely that the induction would be successful.

Nonacademically speaking, people are induced early for worse reasons. I think it probably meant a lot to both of them, and will mean a lot to the baby as it gets older enough to understand.

It reminded me of repeatedly sneaking infant Zacho into the ICU to see Dad, which was also not medically advisable, but meant a lot to me. It also means a lot to Zach, who was just telling me last night that he remembers meeting Grandpa, and that he was really funny.


For some more reading, I wrote about nulliparous (first birth) induction for non medical reasons, and, since the article states that the mom had planned a “natural childbirth”, here is my post about really disliking that term. For clarification, my dad died about a month after Zach, my youngest son, was born. And, yes, he was really funny.

This was blog post number 666. I heard recently that the real number of the beast may be 616. Oh, well.


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Us vs. them (or a blog retrospective)

I cut down on my blogging a lot this past year. It was due to a combination of a different factors. It is harder to tell stories about clinical experiences without discussing my patients or attending physicians in a possibly sensitive way than it was to tell stories about studying or research. Also, I became a single mother, and blogging time is more negotiable than cooking dinner. Or cleaning muddy footprints up from the entire. fricking. house last night. After shower muddy trampolining and wooden sword fighting? Great idea!

But, another reason I stopped blogging has to do with the polarization and vilification that is so common in internet discussions of topics I find dear. Give me a nuanced discussion about breastfeeding, birth, contraception or abortion, please? Please?

I keep ending up writing posts like this one about the rhetoric surrounding “natural” birth, the how to present risks surrounding birth without freaking out post, the one about a death threat I got over a post about vaccination, abortion, fetal monitoring for chrissakes or posts one, two, three, four, five, six (OK that’s enough!) posts about polarizing breastfeeding if-you-can-call-it-conversation. I’m not going to start searching for my posts on race.

Let’s not forget Mommy Wars Bingo.

After one and two disappointing posts and comment sections on Skepchick about breastfeeding, I was tempted to post another plea on here. I want to like Skepchick because of posts like this about female genitalia self image, and a post about female body hair shaving that seems to have disappeared. I was going to beg, again, to please, please let a discussion of breastfeeding science go by without the “GUILT!!” hammer coming down, but I am starting to feel like I will be rating level five on the Professor Internet dick meter if I keep covering the same territory. Even though I’d rather fancy myself more like Jon Stewart preachin’ it on Crossfire.

Hell, I know I have “rant” as a tag on my blog, and I think I coined the term reply-turned-post, even though I hardly invented it. I replied on both Skepchick posts, but I didn’t even bother reposting it here. I am just tired of it. And, I have a sandwich, or a rank list, to get to.

By the way, this is apparently post #665. My next post will be from hell.


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