Countdown one week

Interviewing time is quickly approaching. I have my first interview in one week.


I have four interviews scheduled so far. I would like more. I am thinking of applying to more programs. I haven’t gotten an invite to my local program yet, which will most likely be my top choice. But, I am doing a full month there next month, and they invite and interview late.

I am preparing for the interviews, clothing wise and mentally wise. I have no idea what to wear to a mixer with the residents.

I just wish I could fast forward to match day.

In the meantime, it seems like I may be taking a leave of absence this month. I am entitled to a vacation month, which I wanted to take this month, but I was assigned to emergency medicine this month, and I have February and April still open. While my site was willing to have me switch my ER month to February, but my school has a policy that you can’t change your months without actually switching with another student. But, no other student will have a vacation month they set up and then want to switch. So, I am finagling it as a one month leave of absence. I will work out the details tomorrow. And then, I’ll get to interview twice this month, and even spend Thanksgiving with my kids!


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6 responses to “Countdown one week

  1. Jim

    Good luck . (g)

  2. am i the only who feels like this whole process is weirdly reminiscent of sorority rushing? with the mixers and invites and match days?

  3. Great blog! I did a search on blogs written by medical folks, which was unforunately limited, so glad to stumble upon yours, esp a fellow DO! good luck w/ interviews!


  4. MomTFH

    Thanks everyone. Still, eek!

  5. Phledge

    Good luck, love. Wear slacks and a button-up shirt for the mixer.

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