First day at an “audition rotation” observations

I’m waiting on line to get an I.D. card for my new rotation site. It’s a family planning rotation at a program that has an obstetrics and gynecology residency to which I applied.

I’m really excited and nervous. So, to distract myself, here are some observations:

1. One of the streets bordering the hospital is named “Papanicolauo Way.” Yes, I will be taking a picture at some point.

2. They sell “The Club”, the old school car security device here in the security office. Geez, maybe I should have put my purse in my trunk.

3. When we were cruising through the school corridors among research labs with cool looking beakers, goggled research assistants, and radioactive materials and biohazard warning signs, there was a water fountain with an old, worn sign stating “This water is SAFE for drinking and cooking.” If there was no sign, I wouldn’t have been suspicious. Now, I’m not so sure.

I’ll be back with more clinically relevant observations.



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3 responses to “First day at an “audition rotation” observations

  1. Good luck at your “audition rotation”. I remember being so terrified during important rotations as a medical student, because I feared that if I didn’t know enough or made a mistake that I would be kissing my acceptance into residency goodbye. Looking at it now from the perspective of a resident, I realize that what the people who are evaluating medical students are really looking for is interest in the field, work ethic, the ability to play nice with others, and a basic level of common sense. I’m sure you’ll do great.

  2. doctorjen

    That sign is hysterical! I wonder if everyone driving over it even recognizes the word?
    Good luck on your “audition” rotation. I agree with the above commenter – as residency faculty myself now, that’s what we’re looking for!

  3. a

    Don’t underestimate the club! I am on medical leave from med school in a *large, dangerous city* and you’re better safe than sorry. Especially if your car is easy to break into. Like a Chrysler anything.

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