*blink blink*

I have been swamped in all areas of my life lately. Between a rotation in gynecologic oncology that had me waking up at four most mornings and had OR days that easily stretched into fifteen hours long, to my seven year old’s birthday, to applications for residencies, to working on research, there are many days I don’t even touch my computer. If I do it’s to look up a medical topic to study or to do research.

I actually slept 10 hours a few nights ago. It was incredible. I still feel sleep deprived, and I am not a sleeper. I usually say “Sleep is for the weak,” which proves I am meant to do obstetrics. But, even I have my limits.

It is really exciting to be at a point in my educational path at which I can focus on obstetrics and gynecology. I still have core rotations in family practice and emergency medicine and an elective in cardiology ahead, but my boards are done. Pretty much, it’s ob/gyn, full speed ahead otherwise.

I am going to be spending two weeks at a Family Planning rotation site. This will be my first rotation at my local ob/gyn residency program. Eek.

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  1. Great to hear you are doing well! Good luck. I love your title – makes me think of another good friend’s sporadic posting title – *dusts off blog*

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