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Board scores, driving, public health and applications

Sorry I have been so scarce. I have been doing a rotation at a community health center that is 90 miles from my house. I commute most days. The kids started school last Monday, and I have started doing doing ERAS, the electronic residency application.

I got my USMLE Step II scores back. (I am a DO student. I took both the COMLEX and the USMLE because I will be doing the MD match. If you want to read more about this, I wrote about it here) Since I talked about my scores for Step I to of how well I did, I guess I’m going to this time around.

I did really well. Very well. Much better than I thought I did. It should make it a bit easier to get interviews at MD programs, I hope. Now I am going through the application process and getting ready for elective rotations.


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