Night of the fourth year medical student

Yes, I am rising from the great beyond of rural rotations. I am, as of July first, a fourth year medical student. Hello, senioritis! I am doing a board review month. I am taking the MD and the DO boards. Soon. Eek.

I have a lot of posts jumbled around in my head. They may show up in one way or another soon, since I will want to procrastinate while studying.

Oh, and good luck to all of my former classmates who are starting their residencies. Double eek!


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5 responses to “Night of the fourth year medical student

  1. Jim

    Congratulations .

  2. Bill

    Best of luck.
    You are taking both MD and DO boards?
    Why would you want to do both?
    What happens if you pass both?
    Do you earn two degrees?

    Thanks for the information.

    • MomTFH

      As a DO student, I can opt to take the MD boards, too, and I can apply to MD (aka allopathic) residency programs, which I plan to do. There are ridiculously few osteopathic OB programs. I will still be a DO when I am done. I am not sure if I can get board certified as FACOG (the allopathic ob/gyn board certification) when I am done, or if I still have to go through FACOOG (the osteopathic counterpart).

  3. Looking forward to reading your head ramblings.

  4. I am about to start a DO school and am interested in OB. I was debating whether to just go all DO residences and take the COMLEX or go both and take the USLME too. I don’t know. I guess I am just worried about having to take two board exams in such close proximity.

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