Done with ob/gyn

I am done with ob/gyn, at least for now. I absolutely loved it. I loved the births, which I knew I would already. I loved the OR. I got to close a cesarean! Squeeeeee! I loved the procedures. Most of all, I loved clinic, especially prenatals. I have no qualms about the field I have chosen. The hours were long, but I loved it.

I can’t believe I have to go back to doing other rotations before I can be all ob/gyn, all the time. I still have two months of family medicine and two months of rural rotations, which will both luckily involve a lot of ob/gyn, pediatric ER and regular ER, and then it’s all electives. Whoooo!


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13 responses to “Done with ob/gyn

  1. Congrats! I guess? Glad you enjoyed your calling. Nice to hear about it.

  2. Sorry that your month has come to an end. 😦 I know you loved it.

  3. Glad you loved it! 🙂

  4. JCC

    You closed? Oh man, as a lady who hates her c-section scar, this made me cringe a little bit! But I do get it — my husband is a doctor so I absolutely understand the importance of teaching young doctors. I’m sure you did a great job. 🙂

    • MomTFH

      I understand your cringing. I have closed small laparoscopy incisions many times in front of the same surgical team, and have assisted and observed the closing of many cesareans. Every suture was watched like a hawk. it was a beuatiful closure, if I do say so myself. I only got to do the subcutaneous skin layer (and some of the fat layer), which is what forms the visible scar, but I didn’t get to close the hysterotomy (the uterus) or the fascia, which are the two most important layers for integrity / dehiscence prevention.

      • JCC

        That’s great! Yeah, I had a pretty awful experience at the hospital I delivered at (not trying to be all uppity and pull rank, but this was a little surprising considering my husband is an attending there — didn’t want special treatment; just wanted to be treated decently), and if my sloppy scar is any indication as to how my uterus was closed, there’s no way I’d try to VBAC.

        • MomTFH

          Oh, sorry. No one deserves a bad experience, and it says a lot that a wife of an attending was treated badly. Can you imagine how someone without that connection may be treated?

          As for your scar, I can understand how what you see on the outside can really scare you about what may lay on the inside. At all of the cesareans I have assisted in, a different person closes the skin than whoever closed the uterus. Not sure if that is true in your case, or even reassuring.

  5. Glad to hear you’re still having fun!

  6. FutureDoc

    How many deliveries did you see during the rotation? Sounds amazing!!

    • MomTFH

      I should have kept track, but I didn’t. I saw about a dozen that month, and about half were cesareans. I didn’t get called in at night or on weekends, even though I said I was willing to come in.

  7. What a fascinating career journey you are on. Go you!

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