When the doctor is sick

Well, I’m not the doctor yet. I’m a mere medical student. I got hit pretty hard with a GI bug my younger son brought home from school. I never get sick. I mean it. I am one of those parents who didn’t get every little bug my kids brought home. Well, the kids rarely get sick, too. I made it through my entire pediatrics outpatient rotation without catching one upper respiratory infection.

But, when my 6 year old woke up barfing profusely into his bed, I hugged him, rubbed his back, and changed his sheets without scrubbing my hands immediately after. OK, it was the middle of the night. Half of his class was out the next day. I am guessing this is the Norwalk virus. Two evenings later, I was throwing up in a friend’s bathroom. One of the few social events I have attended all month, and I threw up and had to leave. Nice! Classy!

I had to miss my ob/gyn shelf exam. I am being allowed to make it up and can still (hopefully) try to pass with honors. Sigh. I am a dork and hate missing anything. But, it was not going to happen.

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  1. Jim ( UK )

    With apologies and to paraphrase – ” The best laid plans of mice and men ” . 🙂

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