My DSL got disconnected. Again. It was AT&T’s mistake. Again. They need to send someone out to reinstall it. Again. It will take several days before they can do that. Again.

Last time this happened, my son clogged up the toilet. This time, my cat vomited profusely all over my bed, I am having major issues with my ex husband-to-be who is refusing to pay bills and expenses that he owes, and somehow, I blew out my calf.

Anyway, I will try to find the time to liven up this space a little. I am still enjoying pulmonology. A lot.

You would think the hardest thing about being a single mom in medical school would be being a single mom in medical school. Medical school is the easiest part of my life right now.


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9 responses to “Again.

  1. So sorry! I can relate. Work is a haven when your personal life is going nutso.

    I’m getting kids a cat for Christmas. You are making me second guess.

    Good luck with DSL and I hope holidays treat you well.

  2. Hang. in. there. This shit happens in threes. ATT, cat, calf. (Soon-to-be-ex-husband is background noise, amirite?) You hereby get a universal break. Hear me universe? MTFH gets a break!

    I’m glad you’re enjoying pulmonology. All of the second years at my school seemed to loathe that block, making me worry for the smokers of the world.

    You’re rad. ❤

  3. Sorry you are having a hard time, hope you get a break soon!

  4. MomTFH

    And…they cut off my cell phone today. Whoops, their error. I spent an hour and 45 minutes on the phone with AT&T today, some of it actually in tears. It takes a lot for me to cry.

    And, when I got home, the cat had peed and crapped on my bed.

    Goodnight, everybody.

  5. Kathryn

    I’m a single mom in nursing school, but someday, someday, I would really like to go to medical school. Someday. If you can do it maybe so can I!

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