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So, I’m still here

Again I find myself apologizing for the blog silence. There are a few reasons I have been quiet.

First of all, my ex has been reading my posts and complaining to players in our divorce about what I write on here. So, I am not writing more about our divorce on here.

Secondly, I have been pretty busy. I have been doing the holiday thing with the kids, family and friends. I did get a few days off work. I am actually pretty happy to get back. I am enjoying pulmonology, and may look into doing a 4th year elective with the same attending physician. I am getting pretty good at ABGs.

I am not so good at EKGs. I did a module on EKGs using this ECG Wave-Maven, and I am really confused by a 5:4 AV Wenkebach. I could spot the MI’s, which is a relief, I guess.

So, there is more stuff I wish I had the energy to talk about. Mtv had an episode of “16 and Pregnant” called No Easy Decision in which one of the teen moms gets pregnant again, and decides to terminate the pregnancy. I have not seen it, but I think there are actually three young women who discuss choosing abortion. From what I have heard, it is a well put together show. Exhale has put together a site called 16 and loved that supports her coming forward with her story.

California Watch published a report entitled “As early elective births increase so do health risks for mother, child”. Thanks to Jill at The Unnecesarean for covering this.

CNN had an article on called “Mom defies doctor, has baby her way” about a woman who had a home birth VBA3C (vaginal delivery after 3 cesareans). She was alternately painted as reckless and also as having no other option. How is a woman supposed to have a VBAC in a facility “with staff immediately available to provide emergency care” if practitioners who deliver in these facilities refuse to attend VBACs?

Anyway, I’m back, at least for the time being. I hope my son’s guardian doesn’t tell me he got an earful about my blog again. I am not airing all of our dirty laundry on here. Believe it or not, this is reticence.


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When multitasking goes too far

I just got my Epocrates app mixed up with my Epicurious app on my phone. I was trying to look up a shrimp recipe and ended up with an entry on urine shreads.


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My DSL got disconnected. Again. It was AT&T’s mistake. Again. They need to send someone out to reinstall it. Again. It will take several days before they can do that. Again.

Last time this happened, my son clogged up the toilet. This time, my cat vomited profusely all over my bed, I am having major issues with my ex husband-to-be who is refusing to pay bills and expenses that he owes, and somehow, I blew out my calf.

Anyway, I will try to find the time to liven up this space a little. I am still enjoying pulmonology. A lot.

You would think the hardest thing about being a single mom in medical school would be being a single mom in medical school. Medical school is the easiest part of my life right now.


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How am I supposed to do these things?

I have DSL again!!

A certain wireless and DSL provider that shall remain nameless (but whose name involves three initials and an & sign) completely cut off my DSL service by mistake last week. Today was the first day I could arrange to be home and wait around for a technician to set me up with what constitutes a brand new DSL service, even though they seemed to be able to cut it off just fine without me being there.

How was I supposed to update my blog? Do my IRB amendments? Do practice Step II board questions? Surf the net? Hang out on Facebook? Try to chip away at my burgeoning blog reader?

You’d think I’d get some reading done. I am supposed to be reading two hours a night on medical learning type topics. Well, how am I supposed to get that done when my 11 year old clogs up the toilet…again? When our puny plunger doesn’t work, I had to go to Home Depot and pick out the only toilet auger that doesn’t have a UPC code on it, and then I get stuck at the self checkout line singing “This Old Man” with my six year old, a plunger and a toilet auger, waiting for the cashier to find the code for it.

Then, on the way home, my 11 year old calls and says “You need to stop by grandma’s house on the way home because the second page of my article didn’t print.” Remember the no DSL thing? Well, when I picked them up from their grandma’s house after school yesterday, the 11 year old was told to print out an article there for his biweekly science current events homework. Somehow in between eating chocolate and watching TV while he was doing it he managed to not get the second page. I drove by grandma’s house, after telling him on the phone I was beyond annoyed at him, his cloggy poop and his half printed article, and that his grandma better have the article ready for me to pick up, since it was already getting to be the six year old’s bedtime. Grandma is about as technologically inclined as, well, many grandmas, and was having problems printing the article. So, I had to go in and figure out the issue, print it, and bring it to the 11 year old who was supposed to be done with his project by then.

Then, I had teach myself to use a toilet auger by watching this video (John from NJ, I know it is a video about unclogging a toilet, but for Maude’s sake put on a clean t-shirt) on my phone (remember, no DSL). Then, I had to apply my knowledge to the poopy toilet. And put the six year old to bed. And edit the current event science assignment. And supervise the eleven year old making the lunches and getting showered. (He fell asleep in the shower! Yes, he did. I know. He did. No, I am not kidding.) And clean up the kitchen and dining room table from making dinner.

Needless to say, I only got about ten minutes of reading done last night. But, as of right now, I have a working toilet, kids with finished homework (I think), and a one casserole dish meal planned for tonight. Let’s see if I can get a blog post done and maybe twenty minutes of reading. Wish me luck.


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