Droop off

One dreary weekend day, I was stuck at the hospital instead of being home with my kids. I had been there since five a.m. with the promise we would get out by noon, and it was suspiciously creeping closer to three p.m. Suddenly, my eye caught a sign in the fourth floor charting area that had been bothering me every day:

“Doctor’s, please sign and date all order’s. Thank you!”

Argh! I couldn’t control myself any longer. I whipped out my pen and drew an X through each offending apostrophe. I was still stuck at the hospital, but I felt just a tiny bit better.

Well, I had a really frustrating day at a lab recently. I won’t name any names, but let’s just say their name rhymes with ShabCorp. After having a tech loudly insist she wasn’t going to get fired over my request (huh?), I was left at the counter to fume as she ranted about me loudly to her coworkers then fought over the phone with the person who ordered the test.

I didn’t end up getting what I wanted from dear ShabCorp and the lady who saved her job by denying me my obviously unreasonable request, but I did get to snap some lovely camera phone pictures of the high quality of work she is protecting as their intrepid office manager:

droop off by nurse

In case you were wondering, it wasn’t a simple oversight. It’s on the spine of the binder, too:

I thought maybe it was a binder where she could record the names of sleepy residents and medical students who are falling asleep while they are charting. Except, this is a private lab that is on the grounds of the hospital, but isn’t part of the teaching program.

Maybe I didn’t get my lab work done, but hey, I feel better. It’s the little things.


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11 responses to “Droop off

  1. Dude, I just laughed through that whole thing. THANK’S for writing this.

  2. Renee

    Oh, I thought it was a sign so women who had breastfed a lot of babies and will never be perky enough for Victoria’s Secret knew where to stand. You know, a competition of who gravity has effected the most.

  3. Love it. Keep knocking my competition.

  4. Phledge

    I carry a Sharpie in my labcoat breast pocket for the express purpose of surreptitiously correcting signs around the hospital.

  5. HelenS

    Clearly the Dutch influence. Or perhaps Afrikaans.

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