“Doulas” is now a MeSH term

I am a proud research nerd, which involves being a PubMed nerd. PubMed tries to organize its articles by keywords called MeSH terms. Well, they just added the term “doulas”!

Doulas received an “A” evidence rating from the US Preventative Services Task Force and a favorable Cochrane database review. But, if you go to the Cochrane Database and enter in the keyword “doula” into their search, you come up with zero results. Its doula review is labelled “continuous labor support”. Let’s hope the addition of “doulas” as a MeSH term normalizes its use.

Also, other Mesh terms were added, including:

Airway Management; Bleaching Agents; Bullying; Carbon footprint; Catheters; Counterfeit drugs; Drug-Seeking Behavior; Epigenomics; Exsanguination; Examination Tables; Food, Organic; Gestational Sac; Hair Bleaching Agents; Gynecological Examination; Lost to Follow-Up; Nasal Sprays; Pets; Recyling; Sex Reassignment Procedures; Sex Reassignment Surgery; Social Stigma; Watchful Waiting; Wireless Technology.

Thanks, Rachel, for the blog post about the new MeSH terms, and the rabble rousing to get the MeSH term added. (Ha, I just noticed I am mentioned in the original post she wrote on this topic.)

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  1. You started the trouble! 😉

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