Another music post

Time for another music post. I have been putting it off, but I got triggered by the blogiversary at The Unnecesarean. Whenever I say “Happy anniversary”, I always think of “I Think I Need a New Heart” by the Magnetic Fields, which isn’t really a cheerful song and wouldn’t be appropriate for a blogiversary comment. But, it fits in with my life right now pretty well.

So, since I felt like posting that, I am going to post a few more songs that have been bopping around in my head:

I love her voice, and her melodies are so catchy. Nothing in particular about that song that made me want to post it.

I’ve decided what the next song will be whenever I get to do karaoke:


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4 responses to “Another music post

  1. Love the Magnetic Fields. The Ingrid what’s her name says embedding disabled so I’ll have to go look on YouTube. Keep sharing!

  2. Ingrid Michaelson good, too. I think you’ve got a talent.

  3. Good god, I love your taste in music. Love that Magnetic Fields song (and the MF in general) too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. MomTFH

    Thanks! I love the music, and I’ll keep on sharing.

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