How about a pink stethoscope?

From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal:

And if you like that but want some more words, check out this great post by Isis the Scientist. (It’s from June. Sorry, I am way behind on my blog reader)


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8 responses to “How about a pink stethoscope?

  1. Jay

    I have three practice partners, all men. One of them owns a pink stethoscope. Anyone who sees it sitting on the desk assumes it’s mine.

    Mine is black.

  2. How ’bout a pink scalpel? (Or did they already introduce that along with Grey’s Anatomy – the TV show, that is?)

  3. You know, the pathologist’s two most common stains – H&E and dif-quik – are pink and purple. Sicily loves looking at tissue under the scope.

  4. Ugh. I heard a bit with Danica McKellar on NPR on a new girl-oriented math book she put together. I was okay until this:
    “I had a really fun time making the hard stuff accessible and putting it in the context of things that girls are already thinking about, like popularity and having a crush on a boy and shoes and shopping and all the other fun stuff that we girls have been obsessed with since the pre-teen years.”

    Yeah, that’s just what I needed as a young girl – not skilled, encouraging math teachers, but my math to be about boys.

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  6. I was never good at math, but my best friend was very good at it. So yes, girls can definitely make math pink.

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