Friday music selection

A peacock!

I have been completely overwhelmed again this week. I am finally home. I wish I had the energy to blog about rotations, or the new ACOG VBAC practice bulletin, or even my life. But, I don’t. What I will do is offer up some more music.

For someone who is pretty cynical, I do sometimes believe in omens, especially bird omens and songs-on-the-radio omens. Peacocks have been a newer bird omen for me. And, as bizarre as it may sound, I have been seeing a lot of peacocks lately. Also, some good songs have been coming on the radio.

Indigo Girls’ “Galileo” was a song I always managed to hear on my way to take an exam, and I always considered it to be a good sign. It has come on several times in the last few days. I love singing along to it. I never saw the video before, until I looked for it for this post, and I love it! I love the quotes, including: “I got over the pain of childbirth. And got over it. And got over it.” Also: “I married badly but divorced well.”

Another good song that keeps popping up:

The Cure’s “Boys Don’t Cry”. Not my favorite Cure song (it’s “Just Like Heaven”), but I think “Boys Don’t Cry” may be more appropriate for my life right now.

“She” by Green Day has come on at least two or three times in the last few days, also. Love it. Love the lyrics. Right on.

And, finally, the first artist out of this list that I have never seen live:

“Another Saturday Night” by Cat Stevens. Again, not my favorite song by this artist, but still a good one that really hits the spot. This one is for my son Sebby, my old roommate John, and a certain boy who is pining a bit too much lately, and needs to get over it. Also, like all the others, a great sing-along-in-the-car song.


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2 responses to “Friday music selection

  1. It’s only Friday night.

    Love this post! Keep the music coming.

  2. Phledge

    I love Galileo, and so many of Emily’s songs (they’re written in a register I can sing!), but like you I’d never seen the video. Hell, I didn’t even know musicians still made videos. Thanks for that, and glad to hear you’re doing okay (albeit busy).

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