Things are coming together

I finally have wireless on my laptop! And my wireless printer is installed! And, my outgoing mail is actually going out!

And there was much rejoicing.

(And I love starting sentences with the word “and”, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.)

I am having a very small housewarming party today. Hopefully that is enough inspiration to finish unpacking the few boxes I have left.

Getting adjusted to our new life, with me being on rotations, has been trying but good. The juggling of the kids has been difficult, and it will only get more difficult once the two grandmothers are out of town at the same time – how selfish of them! (Just kidding) It’ll be easier once the kids are in school, hopefully, and the main grandmother caregiver is no longer in China.

We all seem to be adjusting well, better than I had even hoped. We went to a friends’ house last night, and Z, the five year old, was getting a little weepy and saying he missed home. He spent 8 days with his dad at his dad’s folks house, and I have been dropping him off at grandma’s house every morning early. Even though I have been home at a reasonable hour in the afternoon every day, and he has had dinner and bedtime in his own home every night, I can see how he could be feeling a little disconnected and upset when we went somewhere else for dinner, and then I asked him to put his head down in the guest room as we finished up a board game. But, we went home soon after that, and he woke up in his own bed, we ate breakfast together at our own table, and he is now sitting on his own couch with his own brother, playing his own video games.

And there was much rejoicing.


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3 responses to “Things are coming together

  1. My kids are coming home from a week at the beach with their dad, and I am ecstatic. Got Bedknobs and Broomsticks and popcorn – talked to them at the airport and they are happy to come home and spend the night (as am I!). After a tough end of the week I too am seeing light at the end of the tunnel (like Z – I know John feels the same – missing home).

    Congrats on your coming together house. Have a great party. I can’t wait to sell this house and get moved so I can throw my own housewarming.

  2. Melissa (aka DrSnit)

    I’m so happy that things are coming together for you! I’ve been through a PhD but NEVER holding my arms over anyone’s chest.

    Incidentally– I want to congratulate you on leaving your marriage. It is HARD. I’m very proud of you. BIG HARD STUFF.

    Keep writing – cheers! x

  3. God bless you. I have had enough of the child shuffle for a lifetime. I remember the “but I miss you” from my little one. We have to make such hard choices as women. Not easy being a mom, a student, a worker. Good luck with your rotations.

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