Surgery hurts!

Surgery hurts, and not just for the patient. I am one week into my surgery rotations. I am loving it!

But, it’s not easy. I assisted in a four hour breast reconstruction. I got to do a lot, considering I am new. I held a lot of retractors. It hurt. At some points, I thought I might cry. Or, that my arm would fall off. I also got to put in staples, cut knots, do suction, and all sorts of other assistant-y things. Surgery is fascinating and a lot more involved than I ever dreamed. I got complemented by the scrub nurse! And, my attending physicians are really interested in teaching, which I am thrilled about.

I am not sure how long it’s going to take for my deltoids to recover. I may need to start lifting weights again to make it through the two months. But, I am afraid to hurt my muscles more, and then ache when I need to hold a Deaver retractor.


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4 responses to “Surgery hurts!

  1. If you are in with the scrub nurse, that’s way more impressive than any kudos from attendings. You are doing something right! Congratulations.

  2. Surgery! I know what you mean..I remember holding retractors during surgery and my arm would shake and I would just stare at it, telling it to STOP moving! Of course, this was useless and I just thought my arm would fall off…isn’t it fun!?! Hopefully you will build up muscles fast!! I am jealous..I never got to a breast reconstruction.

  3. Emily

    So glad to hear that you are enjoying your rotation!! It’s exciting to learn new stuff all of the time šŸ™‚

  4. Ah… retracting. Just wait till you assist on a vaginal hysterectomy – sore arms AND you can’t see what the surgeon is doing. If you still find that interesting then you really are an OB/GYN in the making.

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