My wish for now

I wish medical school and my clinical rotations were the most stressful thing in my life. I talk to my classmates, and they’re stressed out and worried. I get it. I don’t begrudge them understandably feeling stressed out about starting their clinical rotations, or setting up elective rotations, or trying to figure out what specialty they want to get into, or if they can get into a residency program.

I have those concerns. I wanted to apply to all of these wonderful residency sites I have been researching. Well, now I have two exes who want to fight me even leaving the county. Yippee. How do I make a match list with one site in the area? I wanted to be a crackerjack student on my surgery rotations. I was planning on having my knots down, relearning anatomy well, looking up the details on the more common procedures I would be doing. Sigh. Not so much.

However, two of the four people on my rotation didn’t even take the required scrub class before the rotation started. The other one was late the first day. So, I guess even as a single mother with a lot going on right now, I am hanging in there.

I remember feeling out of step with my classmates already. They would tell me they “didn’t have the time” to get involved with the extracurricular clubs and volunteer activities. I had a classmate tell me she couldn’t care for her own dog (??!!) and had to give it to a family member when she was preparing for boards. Now, it’s a gulf between us. It’s OK, I still have a great relationship with most of my classmates, and we can empathize or at least sympathize with each other.

I am also lucky that I have an awesome resident I am working with, and the attendings on this rotation are treating this as an extended holiday weekend. So, I have today and the weekend off to try to sort out my other stresses. Like getting my wireless finally hooked up, which was supposed to happen yesterday. And get my kids transferred to the appropriate schools. Oh, and finishing unpacking might be nice eventually. Lighting a few fireworks on Sunday wouldn’t be bad, either. And hey, maybe I can find my Ethicon knot tying kit in the boxes and practice a few knots, too.


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9 responses to “My wish for now

  1. CableGirl

    It may take you a little while to get back into the swing of things after what you’ve gone through the past few weeks, but you are one of the most competent able minded people I know. You’ll knock ’em dead.

    (Ok, perhaps bad choice of words when talking about a surgical rotation. 🙂 )

  2. many small steps will result in a completed journey! all the little thing you get done, as you can, will add up to great things! ask for help! ask for help! many hands make light work! I have a problem asking for help, especially when I became a single mom suddenly, but I could not have made it without my friends. I wish I lived closer to help! Sending good thoughts!~

  3. Phledge

    In my surgical rotation, I was lucky if I got to cut knots, let alone tie them. As a third year just focus on having your anatomy down pat (although knot-tying is WAY more fun). You’ll be better respected in the suite if you can identify the neurovascular structures and you’ll be thought a fucking genius if you can list normal variations.

    As far as relating with your peers, it’s hard to be patient with single, childless people with no other family obligations, who are complaining about reading ten pages a night and then OMG also having to study for boards. Truthfully? Hee. I’m not that patient with my peers. I use sarcasm in liberal amounts. Maybe that’s why people think I’m such an asshole. But do whatever you need to do to get your support (ie, come here and vent, get your friend on, etc, etc). There are plenty of people in the medical community who have gone through similar situations and will have your back and give you their shoulder.

    • MomTFH

      Ha, I don’t think you’re an asshole. Speaking of anatomy, I have my Netter’s flashcards unpacked already. Time to put those back in the bathroom…

  4. You’re doing awesome! I can sort of relate (not that its as hectic as what you guys have going on). I’m in an accelerated 1 year nursing program and have a hard time sympathizing with my classmates who are so overwhelmed with the classes, when I have a chronically ill, developmentally delayed toddler at home.

    Keep on doing an awesome job.

    • MomTFH

      Thanks, I am sure you are doing awesome, too. Sorry about your toddler – at least it keeps you grounded and keeps the nursing program in perspective.

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