Today: shower head. Tomorrow: the gallbladder

I am still trudging along without Internet access at home. I am typing this post with one finger on my phone.

I am doing OK. Which is pretty great, considering it’s been a long time since I’ve been OK. I am pretty proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish. I built a lingerie dresser. I built a five shelf bathroom unit without instructions. I installed a new shower head! I have also kept up with laundry and dishes, swiffered everything, and have even had guests over!

But, I went by my medical school today and got a wake up call that I need to refocus on that, too. It’s not hard to keep up when I’m a pseudo stay at home mom. I forgot to get my third Hep B shot. Whoops. I start my surgery rotation Thursday. I hope I can get it and all my immunizations paperwork tomorrow.

When I went by the school today to try to get a letter from them to bring to the school district to get my kids reassigned to new schools, I have never felt so out of step with the rest of my medical school class. They are stressed out because they just took their step 1 boards and are gearing up for rotations. I listened to them complain about how stressed and overwhelmed they felt with bemused, incredulous silence. I wish I had time to worry about my upcoming rotations.

Well, anyway, I will be a real medical student again soon. Cholecystectomy city. Wish me luck.


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6 responses to “Today: shower head. Tomorrow: the gallbladder

  1. That is one scary post title!

    Good to hear you’re doing well and building things.

  2. Thank goodness you’re getting your surgery rotation over with first! Rest will be a piece of cake. Hope you get to see your kids, over the next month or two (we had two).

    You go get that gallbladder – and prepare for abuse by abused residents. Fizzy’s cartoon blog might help you get through it.

    Good luck!

    • MomTFH

      Thanks, I’ll need the luck. We have two months of surgery. Luckily, at the institution where I am training, there aren’t any abused surgery residents, just abused IM and FP residents. But, this surgery attending has quite a reputation for his personality, which is saying a lot since surgeons are already notorious for having attitudes. Whenever anyone hears I am starting off with him, I get an eyeroll and “good luck”. Eek.

  3. Surgery! Yay! Good Luck!

    I was so scared about my surgery rotation and ended up loving it. I was in the same position with you, having a preceptor at whom people rolled their eyes at whenever mentioned. I tried my best and was SUPER prepared for the surgeries and he ended up really liking me because I knew my stuff, I listened and I gave him space in the OR and wasn’t hovering lol. Oh..and have fun with suturing (know your hand knots!)!!

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