Excellent article on female sexual dysfunction

Please go check out part one of a series on female sexual dysfunction on K’s Feminists with FSD site. Like me, stay tuned for part 2. This post covers the history of statistics on female (and male) sexual dysfunction, as defined and discussed in a landmark article in JAMA, Sexual Dysfunction in the United States.

One of the good points she makes is:

According to Sexual Dysfunction in America, there are seven symptoms of sexual dysfunction. Keep in mind though, the authors did not factor in the degree of symptom severity, and did not factor in how individuals felt about their sexual problems. (Some people have difficulty maintaining an erection or researching orgasm, and are comfortable with that.)

Go read the whole thing!


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5 responses to “Excellent article on female sexual dysfunction

  1. Oh my goodness is that a hilarious typo or what? I have no problem with the fact that I cannot research orgasm. It’s not that I can’t, I’ve never really tried to research orgasm, but it sound like it might be fun to do. I’m headed to the library now.

    • MomTFH

      Ha! I copied that original typo without even seeing it. Yeah, I read the beginnings and ending of words.

      Ha! I don’t research orgasm right now, and I am OK with that. I think I could if I had to.

  2. K

    I know what I mean!

    Wow you must have really liked that article. Thanks I put a lot of work into it.

  3. Now there are some female libido enhancers on the market that fight FSD. Here you can find a very good one and its purchased without prescription.

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