Physicians’ attitudes and knowledge influence their practices – who knew?

My data from the KALI questionnaire is shaping up nicely. I guess it isn’t a big surprise, but, at least in the group I have interviewed, their knowledge about and attitudes toward labor and delivery interventions do seem to influence their reported practice patterns. And, as recent research indicates, practice patterns don’t necessarily follow the current body of evidence, expert opinion, or professional organizational guidelines, although many do. As of right now, I will most likely be looking at the associations between obstetricians and gynecologists’ knowledge, attitude, practice, professional guidelines and existing evidence on four interventions: episiotomy, elective cesarean, doulas, and upright positioning in the second stage.

I have more data on more aspects and more interventions, but I think this will make for the cleanest, most easily explained and supported outputs (e.g. poster and paper). I may use some of the other data on barriers, autonomy, VBAC, litigation, demographics, etc., in the future in other projects.

And, since I promised more poop jokes, I’ll have you know I was wandering around the house today singing Surfin’ Bird by the The Trashmen with the word “turd” substituted for bird. Yeah, I’m mature. At least the kids weren’t home, so I won’t be getting that phone call from school.

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One response to “Physicians’ attitudes and knowledge influence their practices – who knew?

  1. Dear Gerber
    Where are you???
    How are you? I hope every thing going will with you and wish you good luck in your doctoral work.
    Did you remember me???? Iam a doctoral midwife from Jordan who contact you on behalf of your KALI questionnaire to take the permission to use it on my project
    Iam woundering if you published something on it as you ask me to wait until you do that, did you do some analysis on it to test its internal validity?????or create subscales to determine which item under attitude and which and knowledge
    please, it would be helpful if you can send a copy from it. We are finished data collection and will start in next 2 month to work with the analysis
    I will appratiate your concern and looking forwards to hear from you


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