My first death threat!

I have gotten my share of hostile comments, but I think I have gotten my first death threat. I considered not letting it through the spam filter, but I decided to let it stand in all its hostile, angry glory.

Funny, I thought my first comment wishing death to me and my children would come from an anti-choice troll. Ironically, this seems to be from a childfree, also anti-choice but anti-choice in a different way, troll. I have always thought it was B.S. when people say being attacked from both sides means you must be doing something right. I am still not sure if it’s the case that I am doing something right, but at least I look better than these balls of hate.


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7 responses to “My first death threat!

  1. Moving up in the world, eh? Ummm, uh, what do you say to a fellow blogger on their first death threat? Congrats??

  2. Wow, getting a death threat over vaccination? Of all issues…that’s the one?!

    Haven’t yet got one of those yet, thank goodness.

    • MomTFH

      I know! And I defend vaccinations on the same bingo card! I hope you never get one, Rixa. BTW, my sister in law LOVES her new sling.

  3. You’re not living right unless you are receiving death threats. You go girl! I’m a trifle jealous. You think I can start a controversy over, ummm, say, sampling the entire fallopian tube in primary peritoneal papillary serous carcinoma? I’m stating my opine! I say DO IT. Okay. Ready for the death threats. You can start anytime.

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