Crunch on these while I crunch numbers

I am working on getting my data analyzed by a friendly professor who knows more about that stuff than I do. Chi square mumble mumble. Then, I am going to be hunkering down and working on my paper and/or poster.

I also have other stuff going on in my personal life that is keeping me occupied, to say the least. I’ll try not to be so mysterious forever, but I am not ready to dump it all out on here just yet. Especially when I get comments calling me a broodsow, and wishing a fatal disease on my children and me. Nice. So, I pat myself on the back for keeping a lot of my personal life off this blog.

In the meantime, here is some stuff to check out:

Dr. Fogelson discusses cesarean closure at Academic Ob/Gyn

The Female Patient(pdf), which I just discovered. That particular paper is on estrogen pharmokinetics and delivery.

Last but not least, Drunk History, Vol. 3. This one is about President Washington’s runaway slave Oney Judge.


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3 responses to “Crunch on these while I crunch numbers

  1. JHolmes


    I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m the woman with the history of macrosomic infants who was doing a reverse Brewer Diet to try to control infant birth weight. I had my baby about 3 weeks ago, and she was the longest gestation I’ve had, smaller than her macrosomic siblings and considerably easier to give birth to. We had a bit of a positioning issue, but NOT a shoulder dystocia and it was easily resolved by my midwife within 30 seconds. Also, blood loss was cut by at least half, probably because the placenta size was normal instead of the size of a medium to large pizza, so a normal wound size.

    Obviously, that’s the condensed version, but I’d be happy to share more details via email if you are interested. In the meanwhile, in all subsequent pregnancies I will be keeping up my physical therapy exercises to keep my sacrum from rotating during fetal descent, and controlling protein while focusing on high quality carbs during the 1st trimester and controlling sugar throughout.

    • MomTFH

      Wow, great news! Thanks for filling me in!

    • VW

      Hi there,

      I also had horrendous problems with my sacrum during labor/birth and experienced shoulder dystocia…could you fill me in on what kinds of physical therapy exercises you do? Hoping to avoid the same problem with a future baby. Thanks so much!

      My email is deepblue1975 at yahoo dot com

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