New here?

Howdy. I am getting a lot of traffic on my Mommy Wars Bingo from a few sites. So, if you click on the homepage / most recent post, too, I wanted to say welcome.

I am not always that funny, but I am usually that ranty. Feel free to poke around, and stay if it suits you.


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10 responses to “New here?

  1. She’s lying. She’s hilarious.

    • MomTFH

      Ha, you should have heard me and the firefighters swapping jokes during the PALS training. I learned a new one about a guy with a potato down his pants. I actually told it at the dinner table last night.

      One of my secret back up careers would be a stand up comedian for bar mitzvahs. That’s about my target age group for most of my jokes.

      • “That’s about my target age group for most of my jokes.”

        Not me. I enjoy only high-brow humor. I’m extremely sophisticated.

        • MomTFH

          Ha, I know better. You’re dying to know about the potato.

          BTW, did you see my recent post and comments? High-larious. No, not really. Mostly ranty. I need comic relief now. Quick, tell me a poop joke, stat!

          • Jennifer

            Why did Tigger put his head in the toilet?
            He was looking for Pooh!

            (I won’t go back over THERE because it just provides an audience. But poop jokes I can do!)

  2. MomTFH

    Jennifer – I love you!

  3. I wanna know about the potato. And the mommy wars bingo card is genius.

    • MomTFH

      Thanks – I wrote that in a huff one day. A lot of my best writing happens in a huff.

      The potato joke was told like this – the firefighter used two of the other firefighters as the subjects. Firefighter Hotty and firefighter shlub, pretty much. So, firefighter shlub asks firefighter hotty how he is so successful picking up the ladies, and firefighter hotty says “Put a potato down your pants.” Well, a week later firefigher shlub finds firefighter hotty and says “I have had this potato down my pants for a week and it’s been even worse! Women are running away from me!” And firefighter hotty says…

      “You’re supposed to put it in the front!”

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