Flying under the radar right now

Sorry about the scarcity of posts recently.

I have a lot going on beneath the surface right now, some of which are some really cool collaborative projects that I will share when they are done. I also have fellowship-y research wrapping up to do, a new research project (well, three, I’ll explain when I have time) that I just got IRB approvals for, and some personal stuff.

All are exciting. But, also time consuming. I also have plans to go to ACOG’s Annual Clinical Meeting in San Francisco next weekend. I might not be posting so much.

Whenever I say that, I usually end up posting up some rant about something that triggers me off. So, no promises.

If anyone has some extra vibes, or prays, or lights candles, or sends positive energy, or any of that stuff, I would love some my way. Thanks!


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2 responses to “Flying under the radar right now

  1. Telepathic good luck messages.

    I can’t get to the link to your story on the next post (might be me, but just in case . . .)

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