Fantasizing about residency sites

I have been doing more research on residency sites. I have been searching the far corners of the intertubes, from sites as divergent as the dreaded SDN to the dreaded MDC, with a little help from FREIDA and APGO.

I have three top sites identified right now. One is an old favorite, one is an old favorite that fell out of favor, but further research has given it a renewed shine. And, a new up and coming favorite.

The old stalwart: OHSU in Portland, OR.

The old favorite that is back in favor: MAHEC in Asheville, NC.

And, my new love: St. Luke’s / Roosevelt in New York City.

New York City. Ulp!


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17 responses to “Fantasizing about residency sites

  1. I get taken away looking at residency programs..I will be looking and hours will go by and I will have 25 tabs open and no progress will have been made. I usually end up more confused in the end. It is so hard is even harder trying to set up rotations at the places that you really like let me tell you that! I am setting up rotations for next year but I have to do one at a time because I have to wait on them to tell me if I have the rotation or it sucks when your top choices all say “we don’t accept osteopathic med students on rotations” on their webpages..

    • MomTFH

      Argh, I know! I know I am supposed to be a proud future DO, and be happy our systems are sort of separate, but I’m not when it comes to the practicality of training opportunities. Since MD students can’t rotate at osteopathic sites, many allopathic sites refuse DO students. Some allow them, but ask to be paid for the time.

      I am checking every list of residents for DOs on the sites I check out. If there isn’t a DO on their roster, I ask the contact person / administrator listed if they have ever interviewed or accepted a DO candidate.

      Oh, by the way, I checked out the page from the Klamath Falls residency. It sounds great!

      • I do the same DO on their list then I am not interested (I am not a ‘trailblazer’).

        If you ever have any questions about things, just ask because when you are setting up rotations I will have already done it!

  2. Well, OSHU is close to Seattle! We could meet! UWMC is even closer! Group Health Central is a progressive hospital with tons of midwives and great stats! maybe see you soon!

    • MomTFH

      LOL. I am still interested in U of Washington, but I don’t know as much about it. If it’s a progressive hospital, which I sort of hoped it was, I will have a top 4 instead of a top 3. I hope to be ranking at least 10 sites (depending on how many interviews I get).

      • how can i help you gather info? do you need to talk to someone? i know some nurses there, and a midwife, but no residents that have shared their contact information! lots of big action there…xfers from idaho, montana, ak, etc, so big action. great nurses, lots of who have had homebirths or used to be midwives. big ego attendings just like anywhere!

        • MomTFH

          That’s the kind of info I need. I will definitely be applying for an interview there.

          • MomTFH

            Sorry, I should have been more clear. I need to know if places are doula and midwife friendly. I know OHSU has a doula program – I think U of W has something, too, doesn’t it? I know there’s a prison doula program in Seattle, and I am interested in care of incarcerated women.

            So, also, allowing VBAC, allowing intermittent monitoring, use of labor tubs, upright positioning, baby friendly certification, evidence based medicine quality of care, low episiotomy rate, low primary cesarean rate, all would be preferable.

            I am also interested in programs that have a reputation for having happy residents and stick to work hour guidelines. On top of that, programs in progressive cities where I know people (like Seattle) get extra points.

          • UWMC has a volunteer doula program!

            The Birth Attendants out of Purdy correctional facility attend births with incarcerated women. mostly at UWMC I think.

            VBAMC is also done at UWMC, though you have to shop around. There is also a group of midwives there, who share call, along with family practice docs and obs

            intermittent monitoring for non vbacs in low risk situations okay. labor tubs yes, the occasional water birth happens, but not “planned” but providers, (esp midwives) catch babies in all positions, just had a birth there mom squatting on the floor and midwife completely prone and couldn’t see a thing, did it all by feel.

            they don’t have a low c/s rate, but they also have a high number of complicated deliveries, so that doesn’t scare me!

            can’t speak to the happy residents but they do have nitrous so, they can get happy pretty quick!

            lots of good birth juice here with Bastyr University just merging with Seattle Midwifery School, lots of CNM programs, lots of doulas and Penny Simkin! Hey, come for an interview and we can all have coffee! No snow, expensive COL, beautiful scenery, and a liberal mindset in city, but rurally, things can change!

          • MomTFH

            They have nitrous there? I’m assuming you mean for labor, like in the UK. Fascinating!

            I was interested in Bastyr way back when I started my medical career journey. I hope I’m offered an interview. I think I could be happy in Seattle.

  3. I used to be in NYC (may end up back there myself!) and I can put you in touch w/ doulas there if you want to ask about SLR (and they might in turn be able connect you with midwives or docs there). Many doula clients go to SLR for the birth center (featured in one of the Business of Being Born births, and I think also the planned location of Ricki Lake’s first birth before she was transferred to the regular floor.)

    • MomTFH

      Sounds great. I will be looking into an elective rotation in about a year. I may be hitting you up for contacts.

      Pretty much, if the local doulas like a site, it will probably be a good fit for me.

      • Just let me know! Happy to get you in touch with doulas who can give you the scoop on the hospitals 🙂 So sad that St. Vincent’s is closing, people really seemed to love it. Several of the loved drs. from St. Vincent’s, and some of the midwife practices, are moving to NY Downtown, you might keep an eye on that too.

        • Hey there,

          I was an L & D RN at Roosevelt, and am now a doula who is still there from time to time. If I can provide any insight I’m happy to.

          Best of luck,


          • MomTFH

            Thanks for the well wishes! Right now I am still dreaming of a place like Roosevelt, but it is looking more like I will be staying closer to home to be near my family support system. 😦

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