Sorry about the silence

My kids are in baseball right now. It seems like every day involves a game or a practice. I have an awful raccoon sunburn. Coach Stu says it makes me look like a super hero. I think it makes me look like a dork. My older son S’s birthday is coming up, I am doing a recruiting push for my research project, and I am freaking out about preparing for rotations and residency.

We had our preclinical oreintation at school, and I received all the books for my school’s version of shelf exams. I found out you have to get a 95 or higher on the shelf exam to pass with honors on that rotation. Ulp. I started doing Rosetta Stone, Latin American Spanish to prepare for my rotations in lovely Hialeah, Florida. I have a weak lifelong exposure to Spanish.

As for residency thoughts, I have been adding to this post, and I started a spreadsheet with info on each site. I am really starting to worry about arranging away rotations and interviews. Considering there is only one ob/gyn residency within driving distance of my house, I am going to have to plan on traveling. I am interested in three sites in NC and one in SC. If I could do my away rotations in the summer or during spring break, I could be near my family for some of that time. But no, they are usually done in the winter. I am dreading the idea of spending months or more away from my family my fourth year. I suppose I can minimize that, and do a bunch of rotations around here, but that is really futzing around with valuable rotation time. I really want to consider two programs in the Pacific Northwest, also. Maybe I can just do long weekends in November or December, and make that my vacation month.

Ugh. Vomit. I wish I could just put my family (and pets) in a deep freezer to hibernate for a year, so I could fly around and get the dream residency, then move them to the beautiful new city, thaw them out, and continue life as a family.


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2 responses to “Sorry about the silence

  1. If you interview for Vandy and need a (cat hair festooned) couch to crash on when you come to interview, let me know

    • MomTFH

      Ah, cat hair would make it feel just like home.

      I was just looking over Vanderbilt’s APGO website today. Sigh. I would love them, but I am not sure if my test scores are high enough for them to love me.

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