It’s my birthday!

Put on your party tinfoil hats! It’s my birthday today! To celebrate, I am going to get some work done, get recertified for BLS, and continue my foodie weekend on the cheap.

My five year old said, “37 is really old mommy. But not as old as Dada!”

Every year around my birthday, they have the South Beach Food and Wine Festival. Every year my husband tells me we should go to one of the events for my birthday, but we decide they’re too expensive for what you get. I love Paula Deen, but $400 for the two of us to have brunch? Those biscuits better make you levitate.

So, instead, I have self styled food and beer weekend. I started off today with cheese grits with an office mate. A perfect start. OK, to be honest, it was second breakfast. I had an scrambled egg sandwich with Munster cheese with the kids earlier. My fellow fellow is bringing in some sort of yummies.

Tonight I will be eating at Asia Bay Bistro. Their Spicy Tuna Rock appetizer was one of the best things I have ever had when I went with my mom a few months ago. Then, we’ll have a blackout cake from Epicure. I am not high maintenance about much, but this is my birthday cake of choice. Which means it is mandatory.

Tomorrow we will be dropping off the kids at abuella’s, and then heading to Titanic Brewery for decent food and fantastic microbrew. Then we’re heading to the Yard House for more beer. Maybe I’ll have a Chocolate Stout float.

The next morning, I am really looking forward to trying out Michael’s Genuine for brunch. Although I am sure Paula Deen will be simultaneously offering some scrumptious fare for $200 a head in a really crowded venue, I will be looking forward to agonizing between the duck rilette, crispy sweetbread hash, homemade doughnuts with dulce de leche, and kimchi benedict. I could order all of them and still get out of there for well under $200.


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10 responses to “It’s my birthday!

  1. Happy birthday! Sounds like you have a fun one planned! And I will eat kimchi with anything, so if you get that I want to see pictures and hear about it!

  2. Happy Birthday MTFH! Enjoy it thoroughly!

  3. Happy Birthday! Two things: 37 is not old, and I’m am burning with olfactory jealousy. 🙂

  4. I’m in for the homemade doughnuts. I hope you’re having a scrumptious celebration.

    And yes, 37 is a mere pup. 🙂

  5. MomTFH

    Thanks! I am enjoying myself so far. I will post food and beer reviews and pictures soon.

  6. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy yourself!!!

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