Desperately needed comic relief

I link to this study(pdf) by Berghella et al about evidence based labor interventions at least once every few weeks, it seems. I always seem to be looking it up. Like I did yesterday for this post, and last week for the comments section of this post.

Well, after I looked it up yesterday, the search string I used was still in the search box on top of my browser when I released my laptop from its hibernation. I had apparently used “Berghella evidence based medicine”, but all that was showing, due to the size of the box and alignment of the search phrase was

hella evidence based medicine

That’s what I want to practice some day.


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3 responses to “Desperately needed comic relief

  1. Phledge


    That couldn’t have been better if you had planned it that way.

  2. infamousqbert

    not at all related, except in that it’s amusing, and maybe should be sent to jeremy’s group. (see hovertext on first picture). 🙂

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