Almost clean humor

I was listening to Doctor Radio the other day, and the physician who was hosting that particular show was asking for people to call in with jokes. I know a lot of medical jokes. None of them were clean enough to call in for the show.

A friend tipped me off to this cartoon at xkcd today. HA!

Cartoon that says babies can come out of many holes

When we were mopping the floors at night and cleaning the bathrooms at the birth center where I trained, the other students I was on with at night and I would crack each other up. We were a fun bunch. I remember laughing so hard one night, joking around about someone who had heard an urban legend of the patient who thinks if you have anal sex, the baby will come out of your rectum. One of the other students did this deadpan mock explanation to a patient: “Well, since you had oral sex, you will be vomiting up your child in about 8 months.”

I try, to a certain extent, to keep it sorta professional on this blog, especially since I am going to be applying to residency in a few years, and you never know when an internet savvy academic ob/gyn might be popping by. (Hi, Dr. Fogelson!) But, if you ever catch me in a real life social situation, and it isn’t a residency interview, ask me the one about the ob/gyn and the pizza delivery driver.


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2 responses to “Almost clean humor

  1. Jesse

    this is bulls***

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