And it begins

I saw the first Focus on the Family ad by the Tebows. They direct them to the Focus on the Family website to learn more about their story. You know, the story about a privileged white American woman who had lots of choices. Now, people can go to the Focus on the Family Site and read how their team of doctors thinks birth control is a chemical assault on the unborn.

Nice. I wish they were directed toward these posts instead so they could learn about the 200,000 children whose mothers die each year due to groups like Focus on the Family.


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4 responses to “And it begins

  1. Thank you for this, and for your piece on the dangers that illegal abortion poses to women. I discuss these dangers in Bolivia here.

  2. And I can write about this on my blog and have women tell me that I should have died, and that they hope I won’t ever have another child.


    • MomTFH

      What a shame. What a twisted sense of priorities. These priviledged commenters will never have to face the extreme poverty and lack of access to care that women around the world face.

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