I write letters, White House Style

I wrote a letter to the president:

Health care reform can still pass, and the Democratic image can be regained after this Massachusetts election fiasco.

I would consider scrapping what you have, and throw a curve ball to take over the news cycle from the Republicans.

Pass a simple bill (through reconciliation) that expands Medicare to people 50 and over and 20 and under. Write simple rules for the insurance companies that cover what’s left: 1. no denial of preexisting conditions. 2. At least 90% of premiums have to go to health care. 3. No denial of pregnancy or birth control coverage, or unfair treatment of women.


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5 responses to “I write letters, White House Style

  1. After the recent Supreme Court decision on campaign spending, I think I may be done with politics. I give up. Unless you wrote that letter on a hundred dollar bill, my guess is it will be ignored.

    What a downer.

    • MomTFH

      I know!

      Who would think I’d be packing for Canada with a Democratic president and a Democratic majority in both houses? If only I was a corporation with billions of dollars in profits, then I would have freedom of speech to petition my government on this issue!

  2. Genius. Why aren’t you in government, again?

    • MomTFH

      Too many skeletons in my closet. Wait ’til someone nominates me for Surgeon General. Ooh, the Enquirer will be full of some good stories.

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