Another banner day

I saw on my blog stats page that I had two incoming links from Technorati. When I clicked through, I found my little blog on their top 100 health blogs list! In fact, I’m at number 30.

Well, whaddya know?

It’s a nice end to a crap week. It started with my ten year old getting hurt at a local kids’ expensive fun place, and ended with my husband in the hospital with an infected cat bite on his hand. Throw in witnessing some obstetrics in practice that made me want to consider maybe doing endocrinology as a specialty, a take home final exam I had to turn in two days late, only to find out the email didn’t send, and every other minor annoyance from stepping in cat vomit with my bare feet and hitting every. red. light. when I was running late for my brother’s birthday party and low on gas.

So, Technorati. Better be the sign of good things to come.


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2 responses to “Another banner day

  1. tj

    I’m thinking 2010 has to be so much better than 2009.

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