A banner day

Well, it’s been quite a day. My blog got over 1,000 hits in one day for the first time. Not bad for a part time venting project. That may sound like doodley-squat to some bloggers, but that is an avalanche for me.

Foul language warning – push the kiddies out of the room

Also, I got called a “racist cunt” on twitter solely based on this post. Right before that, the so-called feminist criticized me for attacking other bloggers, (project much?) and pointed out how stupid I was because she could see what I was saying about her, because she has a google alert on her name. Except that I already said it on the thread I linked to, (note the reply turned post nature of the post she is so incensed about) a thread she was a part of, not behind her back. And, my post only marginally dealt with her, but she has inflated that to mean it was a post obsessed with her, obviously. And, she linked to my blog (which I can see, duh!) on her twitter page.

Then she called me a racist cunt.

Way to prove a point.

I argue about racial privilege because I care about inequality. She argues about how her personal story about growing up poor is more important than all of these conversations, and twists all of these conversations to malign people of color (I’m not the only one who thinks this, she is even being accused of this by others on her own blog right now), and takes this fight to Facebook and twitter because…”It’s Personal”, according to her Facebook and twitter. It’s a shame that someone who calls herself a feminist would resort to such high school mean girls behavior, especially all in the name of denying racism and white privilege, because it’s not about her.

I am OK with the difference between these two positions. I am proud of why I am arguing what I am arguing, and I really doubt she is. It breaks my heart, a little, because we are both associated with the birth advocacy community, but there is room for both racist cunts and people who call people racist cunts in the community, and people who are both (ahem). I am officially done arguing with anyone who would resort to such tactics, however, and hope we never cross paths again.


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8 responses to “A banner day

  1. Congrats!? On the 1000 hits thing, not the C-word thing. (I can’t even type it—went to Catholic school ya know). I see that At Your Cervix added you to her blog roll. Yeah! This will really increase your traffic on your little meant for venting only blog.

    BTW: Do you want me to write another rap song about anyone else in particular?

    • MomTFH

      Ha ha ha, thanks. I am a big At Your Cervix fan. So glad I made it on her blog roll! I hope the appearance of the c-word on here doesn’t make her change her mind!

      Well, I can think of one person I’d like you to write a rap song about, but I am trying to avoid any more conflict with her. It hurts my fee-fees when she calls me names, so I wouldn’t want to instigate her any further.

  2. highschool much? šŸ˜‰ lol
    I’ve recently added you to my blogroll. I’ve heard snippets about you from other birth bloggers but never took the time to come visit your page (not that I remember at least lol).
    Seems I added you right when there’s so much blogdrama going on! Makes for good reading.
    I look forward to reading more posts of yours.

    • MomTFH

      Thanks, welcome. I promise, if you poke around my archives, drama is not what I am about. (Unless that’s what you’re here for. I can scare up some drama for you, if that’s the case.)

  3. definitely not about the drama! lol

  4. I’m sad to see this interaction happen between two bloggers I read, like, and respect. As an objective observer (in the sense that I have no preexisting relationship with either you or FB and no reason to take one’s side over the other), reading all the posts that led up to this (though I am not on Twitter) I see a miscommunication/misunderstanding that escalated because of the inherent shortcomings of discussing important and emotional issues on the internet. I honestly think that both of you are on the same page in your hearts, or would be if both had a chance to take a step back and completely understand where the other was coming from. Even if you still had some differences of opinion at the margins, I suspect you’d find that you have a lot of common ground and share the same basic values.

    All of us could stand to reevaluate our views from a different perspective from time to time, and we are all works in progress in our knowledge and understanding of equality issues. I say this to myself as much as to anyone else. There are so many people out there who do not share our values and are diametrically opposed to what we believe. I hate for there to be division between two influential folks in such a small community.

    • MomTFH

      I respect your point of view, but I disagree. Did you read the post above? We may disagree on the issue of white privilege, and many people do, but linking to my post and calling me a “racist cunt who has never been out of Florida” is not a different perspective. It is hostility. Also, calling me “obsessed” and a “stalker”, when she has tweeted about me and linked to me incessantly is not only hypocritical, but it is not a feminist act.

      I don’t get to hand out the feminism cards, but I wouldn’t call someone a “cunt” or a “stalker” if she simply disagreed with me about something.

      I also have a fundamental problem with her perspective on this. I do not think we are coming from the same place in our hearts. Her point of view is that her unarguably difficult upbringing trumps discussion of racism in America. If you follow the links to the posts on here that are the background to this argument, the original post was about a display with Obama and a baboon at a local retail store. Not a class issue. Not an economic issue.

      She has a chip on her shoulder about this. She deleted the post on her blog, I have heard, in which other posters were telling her this, too. Commenters on here have said she has had problems on other blogs with this issue. It is not a misunderstanding.

      • MomTFH

        Update: since I have left this alone, I have been called an asshole, a bully, and a terrorist on the internet by her. I have tried to ignore it, but every day someone tells me about something else that is personal and offensive that she is saying about me.

        1. Project much? I am the obsessed bully? That’s laughable to anyone who has seen both of our actions.

        2. Seriously? I DISAGREE with you. Get over it.

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