Overheard in the hallway

Let me paint a scene for you all.

[In a medical school hallway, two academics greet my visibly pregnant cousin Susan, who has a history of anorexia prior to pregnancy that should have been clearly apparent to these people who work on the same floor as her]

Not Clueless Academic: (to my cousin Susan) How’s the mama? Lookin’ more like a mama these days!

Clueless Academic: (to Not Clueless Academic, in front of my cousin Susan) I can’t wait until that skinny minnie gets HUGE!!

[Close scene]



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2 responses to “Overheard in the hallway

  1. Paige

    Ugh. Clueless is right!

    One of my dearest friends is a bulimic and had been hospitalized in the past when she finally got pregnant. I was horrified that her need to control her intake/output of food would override her maternal instincts. I’m glad to report that it did not. She wanted her baby so badly that she was able to control her compulsions all throughout. The baby is about 9 months old and she is still doing well with it. Obviously none of this was possible without frequent and regular therapy, but there is hope.

    • MomTFH

      Yes. Eating disorders and pregnancy are complicated. I am really happy your friend was able to balance it. I sure hope no one was walking up to her and saying they can’t wait until her skinny butt got huge, as if it was some sort of evil revenge.

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