I have been really busy lately and overwhelmed with various issues in my real, meat world life.

So, although I don’t have the emotional energy or time to write a full post, I just wanted to say a few things.

Stupak-Pitts Amendment? Makes me furious.

Obama administration’s and other progressive groups’ responses? Disappointed and furious, but not surprised.

What do I think of the chances of the health care (method of payment and abortion) reform bill passing in the Senate? Well, considering the Senate is less liberal than the House, we have “friends” like Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson, and a pro-life Catholic majority leader in Harry Reid, I am not optimistic.

Oh, by the way, I highly recommend this book: The Healing of America, by T.R. Reid.


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3 responses to “Synopsis

  1. John Doman

    I and a lot of other people in this country think abortion is wrong. Why should we be required to pay for it?

    • MomTFH

      You probably won’t be getting one, so you probably won’t be paying for one.

      I think newborn circumcision is wrong. I think the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are wrong. I think that the prison in Guantanamo should not be holding any prisoners of war without trial. I think abstinence only education is wrong. So did the majority of the populace by the time Bush’s term was ending.

      Can I have my money back that went to the Department of Justice when all of those judges were fired by Cheney and Karl Rove for not being Republican enough?

      Do I need to go on? How overimportant do you think your minority opinion is that you think it outweighs not only the majority of the country, but should ban an entire medical procedure?

      Why should you get to tell private insurance what to cover? The subsidies won’t go to abortion coverage. But, they can go towards the rest of the plan in the exchange even if the plan covers abortion, and the woman can pay the rest of the premium with her own money. What is wrong with that?

      If you think abortion is wrong, you and you other people should be fighting tooth and nail to get contraception covered by this bill.

      *cue crickets*

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