Sick and leaning on the mute button

So, I am sick. Sick sick sick sick. I hurt everywhere. I have a fever and I am lightheaded. Runny nose, cough…the works. Blegh.

I am planted in front of the computer and the TV. I watched these Bill Nye videos about genetically modified foods. I just happened to get a link for them by being a fan of Slow Food USA on Facebook. It was interesting timing (not ironic, huh CableGirl?), since I just got in an annoying argument with commenters on on Dispatches from the Culture Wars. First of all, I am no fan of people who use snotty insults when they’re arguing on a site. Not necessary. Sarcasm is fine. But, if you’re going to go there, you better be right. I also don’t think blindly accepting technological advances is any more reasonable or educated than being blanketly afraid of all technology.

So, while I was tooling around on the internet, I had the Travel Channel on mute. Anthony Bourdain was visiting Ted Nugent. I could never listen to that much douchebaggy conversation, but I left it on in case there were any exciting gun accidents. Not that I wish that on anyone, but still, it’s exciting.

Now I am watching Birth Day. I wish I had the mute on here, too. I have heard “vertex position is NECESSARY” for a vaginal delivery. Also, I heard about a woman who had been in a long labor, and when her nurse introduced the next shift nurse, she said “And Amy has been with us forever.” Nice. She ended up with a fever after several hours of an epidural, and of course they discussed ZOMG infected baby!! but didn’t mention the link between epidurals an fever. The baby was born by “abdominal rescue” (wha??) and then was immediately taken to the well child nursery. Wait, I guess they don’t think there is a big risk this baby is infected. Then they talked about how it’s just great that she had a healthy baby.

I did get to see a successful external version (I cheered!) but I was surprised to see she got a neck down epidural for it, and then they induced labor immediately. I don’t know that much about external versions, however. The baby has distress now. They think it’s from the version. But, can it be from the Pit?

There is a woman who is one day past her due date (the horror) and was told her baby is “big” and she needs a cesarean. Oh, but she’s a hemophiliac. How does this sound safer? Her bleeding time test did not look good from my amateur eye. Why cut her without good indications?


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5 responses to “Sick and leaning on the mute button

  1. Ugh! I know..I just watched an episode of A Baby Story and this woman was having twins…both were head down but they still gave her a C-section. I didn’t understand why…there weren’t any problems with them or anything! So confusing. I was very lucky to have switched to another OB in my rotation, however, the hospital I am at kind of sucks. They have good care but they do not allow VBACs or ANY twin vaginal births! My doctor said to me how upset he was over this and that it has caused his section rate to go from 10% to 33%! Crazy huh!

  2. I can never watch “A Baby Story” or “Maternity Ward” or “Birth Day” or any of that ilk without shouting at the screen like a loon. I’ve even thrown a pillow at the screen in exasperation. One of the most aggravating things, aside from labor management, is the messages it sends out about breastfeeding, “A Baby Story” and “Bringing Baby Home”. Supplementing almost always happens from early on for no good reason and it drives me BONKERS.

    I’ll take Bourdain and Nugent instead.

  3. I am so glad I found your blog and all your wisdom about birth. It will be a big helper for my second child, whenever this will be.
    I had an epidural during a long, long birth (cervix didn’t open..) – and then had a fever. Not much, just about 38°. They didn’t find *any* signs of infection, but still gave me antibiotics twice during birth as a precautionary measure, and they also kept us in hospital for one night although I had planned on going home immediately. Of course, I didn’t know about epidurals causing fever either, so I did as I was told…

    • MomTFH

      Good luck with your next child, whenever that is. Don’t beat yourself up. I thought I was well informed when I went through my first labor and delivery, and I was clueless. It’s a shame we have to be experts and self advocates just to get through safely.

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