My structures list for the anatomy review

I am exhausted, folks. An old friend got married yesterday, and my 10 year old son S was in the ceremony. We have been going nonstop since Thursday. I finally crashed after the post wedding breakfast this morning, and I am almost recovered after a nap and dinner.

This week is pretty busy, too. Wednesday night I am doing a gross anatomy review tutorial for our surgical interest group. I wasn’t thrilled with gross anatomy and wasn’t sure if I would ever go back. Well, this is my second year teaching the female pelvic cavity.

Here is my structures list:

Fornices (anterior, posterior, lateral)

Broad ligament
Round ligament /ligamentum teres
Cervix-external & internal os, endometrium, myometrium, isthmus, & fundus,
Uterine/Fallopian tubes
Infundibulum w/ fimbriae, isthmus, ampulla

Ovarian ligament
Suspensory ligament
Vesicouterine pouch
Rectouterine pouch (of douglas)
Retropubic space
Rectum, external anal sphincter, anal canal
Vaginal artery

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