Fertility is unfair

I have a good friend who is getting surgery right now. A very, very wanted pregnancy that she paid dearly for, injected herself with hormones for, got eggs harvested for, got embryos transferred for and went on bed rest for, and it ended up implanting as an ectopic pregnancy. She will most likely lose a fallopian tube.

All four of my pregnancies were unplanned. All of hers have been a struggle. All of the fear and frustration I have felt trying to prevent pregnancy she has felt from the opposite side, probably multiplied by a million.

Fertility is incredibly unfair.

Please send her good thoughts.


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3 responses to “Fertility is unfair

  1. My own sister hates pregnant women. Not overt hate but small internal hate. she hates them because they are able to have a baby and she is not and it is unfair. The consolation prize is that she has 2 adopted kids she could not love more. You are right fertility is unfair. But no one ever said life is fair. Wow, now I sound like my Mother? Scary.

    • MomTFH

      Yeah, it’s hard. It’s hard because I surround myself with pregnancy and birth, so she gets to hear about it through me. And, all of our friends are of childbearing age, so we always know someone who is pregnant or just had a baby. It’s such an emotional struggle, and it’s hard to be happy for others when it’s such a personal hardship.

  2. Fertility is very, very unfair. I thought about writing a post on women who work in Obstetrics/NICU’s who also suffer from infertility. I admired their strength as they helped bring others’ babies into the world, when they themselves are suffering. It also can be incredible hard to care for drug addicted moms on their upteenth child, when all you want is one. Very emotionally charged…..and unfair.

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