Boo boos

I have various ailments and boo boos right now, but the newest, most painful one is my smashed left index finger. It has been deliciously breezy in my area the past few days, which I normally adore. However, our front door is susceptible to being suddenly slammed by gusts of wind on blustery days.

My left index finger was a victim of one such gust yesterday. It is bright purple right now. I am not sure how the distal phalange (the bone in the tip) could have survived the smash. My finger got squeezed sideways mostly, so I am hoping I may save the nail. For a clumsy person, I have surprisingly never lost a nail, and I don’t want to.

So, anyway, it may be hard to tell, but this is affecting my typing. There are lots of things I would like to write about, and I can’t get to all of them, as usual. My smashed finger will slow me down even more.

Wish me swift healing.


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4 responses to “Boo boos

  1. Oh, wishing you smooth and fast healing of the poor finger! Arnica (traumeel) is great for bruising. sorry for the pain!!!

  2. What are ya??? a doctor or something! gotta think outside the box! healing thoughts!

  3. Healing wishes are on their way!

    I have to admit, when you first started talking about breezes, I got fixated on the German/Central European idea that “a draft” is bad for your health. Lots of central Europeans attribute everything from colds to bladder infections to “cooling off” excessively.

    Yours is the first story where I see that yes, drafts really can be dangerous! 🙂

    I hope this won’t slow you down too long.

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