Laughing while my head explodes

I don’t know if the entries at My OB said WHAT?!? are more funny or head-exploding inducing. I sputter and smile simultaneously with each one.

I think my favorite so far is this one: “Your baby may end up being retarded if we don’t do this test” was one nurse’s way of performing informed consent about a fasting blood sugar test.


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5 responses to “Laughing while my head explodes

  1. That site can be funny and sad at the same time. I really, really, wish however, that they would take this ad off the site:
    Birth Complications?
    Could Birth Complications Have Been Avoided With Proper Doctor Care.

    It makes me sick every time I see it. Cringe-worthy, no?

    • MomTFH

      Really? Yuck. I try to block out the ads.

      I had ads on one of the earlier incarnations of this site, and got in trouble when I mocked them. It’s weird how your content can trigger weird, totally inappropriate ads.

      Speaking of which, but totally off topic, I visit a message board on the interwebs with pictures of Carrot Top barely dressed and lifting weights, and then posing with this come hither look. It is so revolting. Interwebs ads can be inappropriate in so many ways.

  2. @Mom TFH Thanks for the shout out! I continue to be amazed at the submissions that come in, saddened and angry that women are subjected to careless and insensitive thoughts during the births of their children. Words matter and what people say matters! A lot! What the site for new developments over the weeks ahead!

    @RR We have tried to remove that domain you mentioned from the google ads, give me a shout if you see it again. the intent is not to be hurtful. thanks for sharing your feelings.

  3. “Laughing while my head explodes” – perfect description. Every entry on that site is an opportunity for both WTF? laughter and impotent outrage.

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