Highlights of the Lamaze Conference

I am still up to my eyeballs in stuff to do, but I need to share some of the wonderfulness that was the Lamaze Conference.

So, here are some highlights:

First and foremost, getting to be roomies for a night with Amy from Lamaze’s Science and Sensibility blog. I hope she feels the same way. She seemed happy about it before we fell asleep and I told her that I usually stop snoring if someone knocks on the wall. I don’t know if she had to use the trick or not.

Secondly, hearing Amy speak! She gave a great presentation of the evidence (or lack thereof) behind determining labor progress (which she described as a “hot mess”. You’re so right, Amy!) And, my surfboard buick laptop came in handy when she dropped hers. She used my laptop, and in the session before, also on research, my power cord came in handy when the computer they were using died suddenly mid presentation. Glad I went and was helpful!

I got to hold Rixa’s beautiful, sweet son Dio. Smelling his warm little head was almost as wonderful as meeting Rixa, and being with her at a few seminars to listen to her excellent, thoughtful input into the discussion surrounding birth.

I hung out around Reality Round’s poster presentation about infant massage in the NICU like a groupie for a little while. Other than that, I ran by her a few times as I tried to be where I was supposed to be fifteen minutes before for most of the weekend. She was even cooler in person than I had hoped.

I met Debra Bingham, DrPH, RN, LCCE, who is a wonderful person with a very important job. She is interested in my KALI Questionnaire. Ulp! I hope this comes to fruition. That is one of the things I am supposed to be working on right now.

I got to meet Teri Schilling after her inspiring and very well received keynote address (standing O from a huge room! Congrats, Teri!) and she told me she reads this blog! Wow! I also met doula Sharon Muza, who is also a reader. Weird but fun. I tend to think no one reads me, but I guess I know some people must since I get hits and comments.

The lectures and presentations were great. Laboring Under An Illusion is a wonderful documentary that should be required viewing for high schools, childbirthing classes and medical schools! And, I was tickled to see a few clips from House of Babies in the film. I was on that show for a few brief moments. Not in the clips she chose (thank Maude!) but still, I felt like I had a special connection.

Speaking of a connection, when the computer died on Judith Lothian, PhD, RN, LCCE, I got to ask her about her wonderful qualitative research on home birth. While we were waiting to get the password to restart the presentation, I got to ask her about the finer points of qualitative research. I was quite pleased to have many of my points from a recent argument on the subject verified in stereo. Qualitative research, especially on pregnancy and birth, is very cool and quite important. And, it’s an easy target for people who don’t know what they are talking about, as I experienced and she confirmed.

I also got to hear Tiffany Field, Ph. D. director of the Touch Institute at nearby University of Miami present, and talked to her after her fantastic speech. She invited me to tour the NICU at Jackson Memorial!

Anyway, this is getting long for highlights. It was a blast. I have a new necklace to show for it, too. I couldn’t resist.



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15 responses to “Highlights of the Lamaze Conference

  1. No-one reads you?!!! Yours is one of maybe 4 birth-related blogs that I habitually visit. I’m quite sure I’m not alone. Maybe all the lurkers out there should post a comment so you can get a better sense of how “followed” you actually are?

    I know Sharon well. I should have guessed she reads your blog, but I didn’t know until she posted on FB about meeting you. Made me more envious than ever that I didn’t make it to the conference!

  2. Oh man! I was jumping out of my skin, you, amy and rixa! how cool! Great conference, great energy and a renewed vision that we can change the world, one birth at a time!

    I enjoyed my first lamaze conference, and was also a speaker for the first time! it was all good! on to the next one!


  3. “She was even cooler in person than I had hoped.”

    HA! Was it my Grateful Dead T-shirt, or the fact I told you I was up all night watching CNN?

    It was great fun meeting you, but we certainly did not have enough time to chat. That’s the thing with conferences…..

  4. Agreed with the first poster – You think you aren’t read? I’ve been following you for a while – guess I need to comment more!

    Side note – WHOA, another person who says “Thank Maude”! My friends and I all do this too – for us it started out as our own personal DIY goddess, but She eventually manifested more solidly as Ruth Gordon’s Maude in “Harold & Maude”. She really is my role model (Maude-el?). Anyway. Saw that, had to comment.

    • MomTFH

      I love it when people comment! But, it’s OK, don’t feel personally obligated. I like lurkers, too. Sometimes it’s not a post on something that everyone feels a need to comment on.

      Ha, yeah, thank Maude! RIP Bea.

  5. HalcyonMama


    Lurker here just coming out to say hello.

    Was a medical student for a few months but chose to withdraw because I had just had a baby and it was all too much for me. I think that’s how I ended up finding you, by searching for moms in medicine, or something of the sort.

    Would considering going back for MD, NP, or PA some day, but not sure yet. Definitely very interesting in the birth process, so I find your blog fascinating.

    You are amazing for doing all this. I am very impressed. Keep up the good work. And best wishes with the research and the rest of your career.

    • MomTFH

      Thanks for saying hi!

      I cannot imagine being in medical school with an infant. My kids were potty trained by the time I started. There’s no shame in starting a little later. Do what you need to do.

  6. I so loved meeting you! So fun to connect the “live” person behind the blog – yes it’s one of my regulars!

    Keep doing the amazing things you are doing….you are a change agent!

  7. I confess that I have never been to this blog before (came here from Rixa’s)! I’ll come back though. I’m commenting because of your new necklace–did you buy it from Family Tree Glass? I bought a collection from them at the LLL International conference in 2007 🙂 I also have a friend who is a glass blower, so he has made me several more to feed my glass-belly habit 😉


  8. Amy Romano

    Hey roomie! It was such a delight to meet you and hear more about your research and big ideas. I agree with Teri – you are a change agent and whether it’s fair or not, the medical degree will mean people listen.

    Reunion next year in Milwaukee??? 🙂

    PS I think I did knock but it was part of a dream sequence, like I woke up and said to myself, “now is the part where you knock 3 times”

    • MomTFH

      Oh, I hope I can go to Milwaukee. I’ll have to plan ahead a little more than I did this year.

      Maybe some people will listen to me. I hope the medical community doesn’t completely ostracize me.

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